Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Audrey's Blessing Day

Roy was able to give Audrey a blessing this past Sunday. It was a wonderful experience. I am so grateful for a husband that lives worthy of having the priesthood and being able to bless our family. I was a proud Mamma!

Time with Daddy!

I couldn't help but take these. They looked so cute together!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Making Daddy Proud

One Saturday while The baby and me were taking a nap, Roy was out playing with Evy. Evy learned how to stand up on the skateboard. Saying that Roy was excited is an understatement.

My Baby Bro is Getting Married!

I just felt it was necessary to announce to the world that my brother is getting married. He's found a stellar girl that seems to like him :)!I'm so happy and excited for them. I have trained you well my brother, now make me proud.... did I just turn on the stove with my butt? hehehe

My two Baby Girls!

I thought it would be fun if I showed a picture of Audrey and a picture of Evy at the same age. They look alot alike but at the same time VERY different. I think they are the prettiest babies in the world... I am biased.

I had to add this picture because I found it on an old chip that I hadn't downloaded. As you can tell it is a few years old, but Evy looks so dang cute! Where has the time gone?

And here is one of the two of them today. Evy insisted I take it.