Tuesday, March 23, 2010


As you can see by the title of this post, that I am going crazy. This is Evy's mission! I remember looking at my sweet Evy baby in the hospital thinking about all the fun we would have and what a great Mom I would be. But I fear that I am failing. I know that this is not rational, it is emotional. I love my sweet girl to death. Heaven knows she is hilarious. She is a great bis sister. And she is there to give me a hug when I need one. But sometimes... and when I say sometimes, I really mean quite frequently... she makes me want to pull my hair out!! It seems like these past couple of weeks have been really bad. I have no idea what I am doing and I don't think she does either. I love her, I tell her I love her, I show her I love her, but does she know? I'm not so sure. My voice is at a very high decibel all day long, telling her to not do that, or go do that or go in time out or go wipe your bum! Really I am tired of hearing myself! I just hope that in the end I get points for trying my hardest. So here's to Evy!!!... her father's daughter :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Best Day!

I had the best day today! The weather was beautiful! My kids were happy! I was happy! Had a good workout. And I felt like I had never been depressed. Pushed Audrey on the swing and she giggled the whole time. Just love that girl to death! Really the best day. Instead of going to bed sad, I'm going to bed happy. So grateful for my blessings!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Love Roy!

As per my brother's request, here is a post dedicated to Roy! Apparently I didn't put that I am gratfeul for him in my previous post. So Here it goes... I love Roy!!!(I am practically singing this... and doing my Xena cry)!! Is that good Sean?? Anyways... I do love Roy. he is the perfect husband for me. He happens to think that I am funny, which works out great. He works hard, very hard.. in far away Atlanta, for our family. And we miss him so much. And occasionally he is funny... Ok, more than occasionally. He is a great father and makes me cry every time he says bye to the girls on Sunday. I miss him and can't wait for us to be together again!

The Upside of Unemployment

I was looking through some pictures and found one from this summer. As per the title of this post, there is an upside to unemployment! With Roy home all summer long (it was a very long summer!) he had a lot of time on his hands. It seem like Hell's Kitchen inspired him and he decided to make Beef Wellington. Sounds sophisticated, right? We ll it is!. It's prime rib, wrapped in procutto (spelling?) covered in mushrooms and sealed in puff pastries. Well he made it. And it was awesome. It doesn't matter that it took him close to four hours to make it or $50 for the ingrediants... It was worth it! And voila!! My husband is a chef. So I he gets layed off from the new Wells Fargo job at least we have a fall back!!

I ran a Half Marathon!

Crazy Right? My bestest friend, Candis, somehow comvinced me to run this Half Marathon during the Winter Holidays. I started training in the beginning of January and ran the Half Marathon on March 6! All in all I think it was a good experience. I lost all of my baby weight, so right there it makes everything worth it! I don't think I ever got to the point where I started to love running. But I love the jeans I'm fitting back into!!! :) I never thought I would ever run a half marathon so I am pretty dang proud of myself! I ran it in 2 Hours and fifty minutes... I know it's pathetic. But I kept looking behind me to make sure there were a good amount of people behind me and that I was not the last!! Really that is all that matters. I don't have the best pics from it but I will post what I have and once I get the good ones I will put them up.

Really I just want to be a healthy adult. I want to be able to give my kid's a run for their money in races. I want to be able to chase Evy down... which is kind of a need!! Really glad I did it, and somehow my dad convinced me into doing a Triathalon Sprint on May 1st... I know crazy!! I' must me smoking something way crazy when I agree to these things. And in closing, If I can run a half marathon anyone can!! And apparently I run like a sasquatch... yep, I said it, a Sasquatch!

I have been a Bad Blogger!

So.... after much pestering from family members I have decided to become a better blogger!! Honestly this past year has been a hard one for the Gallagher Family. I have found myself severely depressed, lonely, tired and frustrated! And haven't felt like blogging about things. But I have decided to have a better outlook on life. Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass but learning how to dance in the rain. So here goes dancing in the rain! And just FYI, I'm a terrible dancer...just ask Roy. But I'm going to try.

These are some of the things I'm grateful for:
The roof over my head
The Yummy food on my plate
My beautiful girls
My wonderful family
The beauty outside
My comfy bed... I love my bed!!!

So when I'm bummed I'm going to look at this list and think about all the other blessings I have in my life. Because truly I am blessed!