Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pic from the Birthday

I was feeling like death warmed over that Day, and looked like it. I still wanted to take some birthday pictures with her but never got to. I guess there's always next year. We got her a Sesame Street cake. She happens to love Sesame Street and Elmo. Which is funny because she has never actually watched the show. One day we were in target and saw a Tickle me Elmo doll and screamed Elmo. Ever since then it has been a love affair with Elmo. My parents got her a Tickle-Me-Elmo doll. I can' decide if it is creepy or cute. It literally throws itself around and stands back up. I don't think Audrey can decide either. One minute she says it's funny and the other she's running away screaming. The jury is still out on that one. But thanks Mom and Dad! She got a couple of books from us. She loves shoes, so one book was about shoes. And the other one was a "Llama Llama" book. She loves that series! She also got a Sesame Street Sticker Activity book. I have already started to find stickers all around the house in places where they shouldn't be! Happy Birthday Audrey! We love you so much!

Aurey's 2nd Birthday video

Make Up Afternoon

For a while now Evy has been begging me to do her makeup one afternoon when Audrey is taking her nap. So last week, we did. And then she insisted that I take her picture......I should really get this girl a camera!

That same afternoon, when I went to check on Audrey after she had been in her room for 3 hours for her nap, I found her dead asleep on the floor. I thought it was funny. By the time I ran downstairs she had woken up. But at least we still get this sleepy-eyed picture of her!

Isn't she so dang cute?!?

FHE Mini Golf

A couple of Mondays ago Roy decided that he wanted to go Mini Golfing for FHE. It was hilarious watching the girls try to figure it out. We let Audrey throw her ball in and put it in the whole. The result of this is that she won the game with the best score! Evy did ok. But for a 5 and a half year old, I think she rocked it! Roy and I had fun just watching the girl. Audrey did get a whole in one on her first try! Yeah.....I know......she's the next Tiger Woods :)!


Evy had a play date with her friend Ally from her TK class. I was downstairs and they were playing upstairs. They come down and Evy says, "Mommy, Ally and I would like a picture of us hugging and I want you to "log"(she means blog) about it." I felt like being a nice Mommy and I agreed. So here I am "logging" about it!

Ectopic Pregnancy

So this week has been pretty crummy for the Gallagher Family. On Monday, at 2:00pm we found out that I had a Ectopic Pregnancy. And at 4:30 I was in surgery having it removed along with my left fallopian tube :(.

The last time that I has surgery, I was 9, and it was a sinus surgery. So I was pretty scared going in. They gave me a little sedative as I was going to the OR. I remember saying that the ride to the OR should be a ride at Disney World. The last thing I remember was a bunch of surgeons laughing at me :).

This has been quite a trial for me. It's been 3 weeks of knowing that this pregnancy was not going to be viable, but that for some reason my body thought it was still pregnant. Now we know that it was because of the embryo still stuck in my tube. I kind of feel sad about the embryo. It wasn't it's fault that it got stuck in my tube or that my tube was all jacked up to begin with. But I guess these things happen.

I'm excited to get healthy again and move on with my life. And I'm very excited to snuggle my girls. I'm very nervous with Audrey around, thinking she's going to jump on me any minute. And I know the girls are feeling a little neglected. The upside to all of this is that we were able to celebrate Audrey's 2nd birthday Sunday night before the surgery. So I will soon be posting some cute video and pics. I've decided that my kids are growing up way too darn fast!

When it comes to my future fertility, we will just have to wait and see. I'm trying really hard to not think about it. I'm going to focus on getting better and if there's a problem later than we will just deal with it than.

I'm so grateful for my blessings. And grateful that we found it when we did. It could have easily burst and that would have been very bad. The doctor said this was because of my general healthiness. So I'm grateful for a family that instilled me a healthy lifestyle! I'm grateful for friends and family that have been there for Roy and I. I don't know what I would do without you! Roy's been great through all of this and I'm so grateful for his support!

So I felt like I needed to write all this down. To write down my feelings so that I can remember them. And if I've learned anything from this experience, it's that I need to trust in my instincts, I felt that something was not right and I went from there. I'm sure the spirit was helping me out.

I wanted to end this with a big thank you to: VICODEN! Seriously don't know what I would do without you. It will be sad when we need to part ways but I am so excited to feel like myself again!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Audrey and I were trying to run some errands this afternoon. I picked her up some Mcdonald's for lunch. She had been terrible all morning and I figured something was up. But as I was driving it got quiet in the back. I was relieved that she was eating her food and hopefully that would help her behave better. As I turn back to tell her good job, I see this:

Notice that she still has the french fry in her hand! I tried to wake her up but she was having none of that! I canceled the rest of my plans. We went to pick up Evy and headed home for nap. She's going to be starving when she wakes up!