Sunday, May 30, 2010

Graduation and San Francisco

This past week my Dad, Audrey and I went to San Francisco for my graduation and to see Roy's parents. It was lots of fun. I was reminded about how I detest flying with a baby. I was also reminded that San Francisco is cold. And lastly I was reminded of the smell of homeless people.... I believe it has gotten worse since I lived there!

The flight out there was torture. Waking a baby at 4 in the morning is NOT a good idea! But we had a celebrity on the plane. And when I say celebrity I mean I'm probably the only person that recongnized him. He's Tyler from "Tyler's Ultimate" on the food network. I love him and loved him even more after he said Audrey was beautiful!

Here's a picture of Audrey's first ride on public transit.

Here's another waiting for the F-Line. There was crazy wind coming from under the street. Somehow I could not manage to open my eyes.

And here's my attempt at taking a picture of the three of us. Out of the three pictures, I think I managed to get all of us in at least one picture. Clearly self-picture taking is not one of my talents!

Here's pictures of the actual graduation. Good luck telling which one is me! I'll give you a hint: I'm the tall one!

And then here's some random pictures from the rest of the day.

And here's my cute niece wearing the hooded towel I made for her.

Thanks Dad for flying all the way to San Francisco with me so that I could do this. And thank you for the thousands of dollars you've spent on my education. And Thank You for believing me and being a wonderful Father. And to not forget my Mom, I oculd not have done it without you and especially the hundreds of hours of babysitting. I love you both!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Evy's Insult of the Day

"Mommy you are such a Crazy, Silly, Girly Boob!".....what the heck does that mean?? I think she intended it as an insult but I just laughed at her. So don't tick me off people or I will call you a crazy, silly, girly BOOB!

Asheville Trip

This past week Roy and I went on a trip to Asheville. It was a Christmas present from my parents and we are just finally getting around to it. It was tons of fun. We really didn't do anything too exciting. We laid in bed for an absurd amount of time doing nothing.....perfection! The best part was our couples massage. We loved it!Here's a picture of us outside by the valet section.

This is a silly picture of me in the car. I call it the "Facebook" picture!

This shot is from a parking lot in downtown Asheville. I loved the mountains!

There were these brass cats on poles in a cool area of downtown. For a second I thought they were real.

Our room was awesome, thanks Dad! So we had to take some pictures of the room. We also took one in the lobby, I love the hog with the hat on.

We ate at this AWESOME BBQ place called 12 Bones. Apparently the President has eaten there a couple of times. I thought it would be fun to get some pictures of us eating our ribs. So So Good!!!!

Thanks again Mom and Dad for the awesome vacation and watching our crazy kids. We had the best time doing nothing. And to close, I love you, Roy.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The picture quality is not so good because it was taken on a phone but I'm still happy I got it. Love the face she's making. These were probably her first many steps together. So proud of her!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day!

I love Mother's Day! And I love it even more now that I am a Mother. You never know how hard it is being a Mother until you are one yourself. I could not have asked for a better Mother. She is everything that I want to be as a Mother. She's goofy, fun, loving and endlessly giving. You would not believe the amounts of laughs that happen in this home because of her. I would have been lost without her this past year. She was my life-saver in a raging storm and I will forever be grateful.

I saw this card and I had to get it for her. When I look at it I think of her.

Evy sang today in Church. She looked beautiful! I watched as she mouthed, "Mother, I Love you." It brought tears my eyes. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for the blessing it is to be a Mother. I always knew that it was something I wanted to do and something I was going to love. For heaven sakes, I breastfed my dolls! Motherhood is hard but there is nothing like snuggling my lips into my children's necks and holding them tight.

There is nothing more important than what I will do as a Mother and I'm blessed that I can be there every second, for every poopy daiper, for every moment of getting barfed on, for every moment of sleepless nights and ever moment of loving my children!

These are the flowers that we got at church. I love that they are not carnations! And the red is gorgeous!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I love this Sound

I love the sound of Audrey giggling as I push her on the swing. I love that she thinks it's the funnest thing. I love the way she smiles and hugs me.

Now how can the same experience with another child go so wrong? Evy asks to be pushed so I push her with Audrey on my hip. She starts yelling at me that I'm doing it wrong and to do it more and to put Audrey down and to do it higher,etc.......

So how do I get the feelings that I have with Audrey happen when I'm doing it with Evy? There is something to be said about a child that can't talk but giggle and smile. This is my dilemna. How do I show my love for Evy when she has days like these? How do I make myself equal to parenting her and giving her the best she deserves? I have no idea. So I might be saying a real long prayer tonight and go in when Evy is asleep and snuggle her.

To end on a positive note: I love the way Audrey thinks Evy is the coolest thing ever. How she follows her around so they can play. And how Evy's screaming can make her laugh. I love the way Evy says I'm the best Mom she's ever had. I think there might be better Mom's when it comes to parenting Evy but I don't think anyone could love her more!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Evy's First Experience with Pet Death

We had gotten two fish for Evy at Christmas Time. They died a couple of days ago. I was going to wait until Roy came home this weekend to deal with it. But I couldn't bear it any longer. Their skin was coming off in flakes and I would gag as I walked by it. So I begged, and I mean begged, my Mom to deal with the fish. I thought Evy would be ok. But when I told her and we went to go flush them down the toilet she completely lost it. Huge tears and cries of grief came from her. It was so sad it almost made me cry. It's so hard explaining death to a child. I told her that what we were flushing were just there bodies and their spirits had gone to live with Jesus. Now I am not quite so sure about the legitimacy of that doctrine but it worked for the situation.

It's hard being a Mom!

Audrey's Table Manners

For some odd reason, Audrey chooses to use her hair as her napkin. I try to get her to stop, but whatever I say she still rubs food into her hair. Every night in the bath tub I watch bits of food come off in the Bath. It's really gross but way cute at the same time. Let's hope she grows out of this by the time she starts dating!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Am a Triathalete!

So, I let my Dad talk me into doing a Sprint Triathalon. I am in pain today! I finished it in one hour and 36 minutes. A 10 minute swim, 45 minute bike and under a 30 minute run ( which only was the case because if I walked my calf's would start cramping). I'm really happy I did it and even more happy it is over with! Roy was able to come and bring the kids so I was real happy that he could be there to see me finish.

I'm really grateful that I was able to do this with my Dad. I will never forget it! I really wanted to beat him but he is such an over-acheiver on the bike! So how a 53 year old beats a 25 year old, I do not know. It's probably because he is so pretty ;)!

On an after-thought, I really need to wear make up when I do these events. Evy does not approve of my lack of make-up!