Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby Making

Who knew baby making was so difficult? I have definitely come to the conclusion that getting pregnant the first time was way too easy. Evy in every way possible was a surprise baby. So when Roy and I finally thought that it was a good idea to add to the Gallagher Clan I was under the misapprehension that things would happen like before. We'd have crazy fun and then a couple weeks later we would be pregnant. Well I have learned that it is not so easy- 6 months later and I am pretty warn out. I don't really hear Roy complaining but I had no idea how much emotional energy I put into this. Anyways... just felt like venting.


As some of you may know, Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in the Twilight Series, comes out August 2nd at midnight. Lately I find myself laying awake at night giggling with excitement, if you're thinking that's weird, you're probably right. I have recruited my mom and sister and a couple of friends to go with me for the release party. I wanted to dress up but my mom has said she won't go with me if I do. So with my creative juices being stifled I have decided to do a simple "Team Edward" T-shirt. I pray I am not the only semi-adult to come with Twilight Merchandise, and hopefully my mother will still love me and be proud. This is a call to arms for all Twi-Hards to show there true colors and stand up for their obsession!

Evy Falling Sleeping at Table

The other night we sat down for a dinner at the table and Evy was being particularly nasty. She was not in the mood to eat. Roy and I then proceeded to have an argument over what we should and shouldn't do to get Evy to eat. When we turned to look at Evy she looked like this.

Seemed like she was a little tired. What do you think?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Evy has seen me at my drafting table so much she decided to start working on her own drafting skills. And she drew me a picture. She's so dang cute!

I'm really, really tired!

This week was midterms for summer semester. I had a huge project for one of my design classes. It took up a whole lot of my week. I haven't been this exhausted since we brought Evy home from the hospital. So today I decided to take a nap. It was glorious. Somehow I've woken up in a better mood. I love naps!! I'm pretty tired of school and sometimes think I am crazy to keep going but I keep picturing me at graduation. Maybe someday things will become normal, but I highly doubt it!

This is one of the lights I used in one of my projects. I love it!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Wakeboarding at the lake!

Roy and I went to the l ake with our friends the Iacano's. It started out raining and turned into an awesome day! We ended the day with tubing and as you can see I became a little sick. Served me right, 20 minutes before that I had a quesadilla and onion rings. Caution: Tubing and fried food not a good combination!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

4th of July Party

Our family, my parents and my sister's family joined the Cheney's for a 4th of July party with Fireworks. We had lots of fun and even more fun lighting the fireworks. To put it lightly, Evy was afraid of the fireworks. As we begin to celebrate this great holiday I am extremely gratful to be apart of this country and to enjoy the freedoms that so many others have to fight for. We truly are a blessed people. I am proud to be an American. Some how I feel like breaking into song :).