Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Pickin'

We went to the Pumpkin Patch today. We had tried to go On Monday for FHE but as we walked out the door it started raining. So we turned around and headed inside with Evy's tears in the backdrop. We decided to try again today. The weather turned out to be absolutely gorgeous! It is really starting to feel like Fall.....I love it!

The girls gave me a little trouble about taking pictures, but I said they had to look happy or we wouldn't get any pumpkins. Is that manipulation or what? Well, I got cute pictures!

And I figured I might as well take a preggo picture. I've been feeling huge but I think the picture turned out cute!

And I had to get a whole family picture!

Now we're off to carving........

Roy's an Old Fart!

Roy turned 30 on Wednesday! For his present, I sent him, my Dad, my brother and my brother-in-law paint-balling for an afternoon. It included 3.5 hours of paint-balling, BBQ, a bonfire, and s'mores. They had a blast and I got a great deal on it from living social!

Then this past Sunday we had a big family dinner to celebrate his b-day. My grandpa spent a small fortune on Steak and we had a meal fit for a king! It was yummy. I should have taken a picture of the table because it was crazy! I made pumpkin cake, his favorite, I undercooked it a little bit but we ate around the center. Here's the video of us singing Happy Birthday to him:

Happy Birthday to my favorite Man! He does so much for so many people! And just as a side note, how is it that I have more gray hair than he does!

Evy's School Jamboree

Evy's School Jamboree was last Friday. Originally we were not going to go but Evy wanted to so badly that we decided to go last minute. I'm really happy we went. Evy was totally in her element. We realized as we walked through the crowd that she has no problem making friends. It seemed that every kid we passed would say Hi to her. It made me feel a little proud of her. I think being friendly is one of the best qualities you can have!

One of the first things we did was get the girls face painted. It took forever but it was well worth it!

I made Roy take a picture with me but he wasn't in a cooperating mood. That man can be a stinker!

Here are the rest of the pictures:

It's a boy!

This is way late,'s a boy! Roy and I couldn't be happier. I was sure it was a girl, so when she said it was a boy I was very surprised. I'm content with the fact that this will be our last and I'm happy to get past this stage of "making babies". I think it's kind of fun that we'll have the same grouping as my family. Two girls and a boy. And if my kids turn out as happy as my sister, brother and I did, then I'll be a happy Momma. So here's to the new adventure in the Gallagher family!