Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pics laying around

I found some funny funny pics while I was messing with my camera. The first are of some snow men that we made while it snowed here.
This is my version of a snowman:

This is Roy's version:

Now if you are wondering if that snowman is sitting on the toilet with its pants around its ankles you would be right. This my husband's version of good family time with our daughter. Good thing I love him so much! I'm sure the neighbors loved it.

Here is a pic of Evy today. She told she she wanted to dress like a princess. When she came back from the room she was wearing this. I told her she was mixing Ariel and Snow White but she insisted she was perfect. I think she's perfect too! :)

Psychodelic False Alarm!

So on Sunday I took a fun trip to the hospital. I started having pretty intense contractions. I was pretty convinced I was in labor. I got there and they hooked me up to monitors and than told me I was having contractions. I wanted to say "NO Crap!" Well after about 8 hours at the hospital and lots of medication to try to stop the contractions they decided to give me some pain medication. The nurse said it would make me feel really drunk. This made me curious. I have never been drunk before and was interested in how this would make me feel. Let me tell you, within 2 seconds of her injecting the medicine in my IV I began a psychodelic outer body experience. And just to reiterate this, Roy told me I was drooling all over myself after a minute. Now just picture that. And if that doesn't bring a smile to your face than something is wrong with you :).
Anyways... it ended up being a bladder infection. Who knew that a bladder infection could make you go into labor? I didn't! They gave me anti-biotics and sent me home. So it looks like I will be pregnant for a little while longer. But until I do go into labor I will be laughing at myself over drooling all over my face.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm Back!

So I finally have a working computer! I am so excited and I feel reconnected to the world and regrettably reconnected with online shopping :). I will hopefully soon be posting some new stuff and maybe I'll put up some pictures of my belly, IT IS MASSIVE! And Happy St. Patrick's Day! I have an awesome imitation of an Irish accent, I wish you could hear me through the computer. My goal for the day is to speak with my Irish accent, it won't be that weird because my last name is Gallagher. Yeah I know I am a little weird.

"I love my potatoes and cabbage and sweet cream and lambies running through the field and did I mention the potatoes..." all said with an Irish accent! That's for you family!