Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Pics

The pictures with Evy and the snowman were taken at Sugar Mountain. I was expecting lots of snow but what we found was anything but that. Looks like mother nature was not aware of my vacation plans. Roy and Evy managed to find a little bit of snow to make a snowman. There are also some of Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Roy got me the PEDI- EGG for Christmas. And let me tell you, it actually works. You'd think a present that shaves off your dead skin wouldn't be very Christmasy, but surprisingly its awesome. Massive points for Roy. Maybe the reason why he got it was because he was tired of getting slashed by my knife-like feet. HMMMMM?


Sabrina said...

The pictures turned out really cute. I am glad we found your camera

Kristen said...

The pictures are so cute! Thanks for putting them on here. How in the world did your brother get so old? I've been gone a long time.