Friday, June 12, 2009

My Pretty Ballerina!

Evy's first day of dance was today. Yesterday my mom, me and Evy went to go pick out all of her dance stuff. And let me tell you, dance stuff is not cheap! It was hilarious watching her today. She kept on checking to see if I was watching her. Personally I feel bad for the teacher. Who would want to be in an inclosed space with 12, 3-4 year old-wannabe- ballerinas? The answer is a crazy person! But all jokes aside, the teacher was endlessly patient. It was tons of fun until the end when we needed to take her tap shoes off to go home. Let's just say I had to drag her out of there kicking and screaming. Is it right when your almost four year old physically hurts you? I didn't think so. So... hopefully tomorrow will be better than today. In the meantime enjoy the pictures of my pretty, crazy, biting ballerina!


Grimes said...

SO Adorable! She is just the cutest little thing!

Vanessa and Kevin said...

Hahaha, I like how you said only a crazy person would teach that class. I just finished teaching that exact amount of girls, aged 3-6, ballet. I am crazy. :) But one of them was mine and got to take for free and I got paid 20 per class. The class only lasted 45 mins. It was worth it. Good job on your pretty ballerina.

Sabrina said...

She looks beautiful. I want to come to one of the classes.