Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween and Roy's Birthday

So here is a ton of pictures from Halloween and Roy's birthday! Roy was Clark Kent, Evy was Tinkerbell, Audrey was a ladybug, and I was a ninja (I know you can't tell from the pcitures! There's one pic of Audrey that is hilarious, it's of her trying to get away from one of our Halloween decorations. Evy got tons of candy and we all had tons of fun.

Roy's getting old at the age of 29. But sadly, I have more grey hair than he is that fair?



Candis said...

holy cow!!!his hair looks like my dad's did back in the 70's...way to bring back the hair!

The Burnett Family said...

LOVE Roy's costume!! And the curly hair on top!! Perfect! Evy's costume was gorgeous! And you looked like a robber? LOL

Brit Jo said...

Oh my goodness the girls are getting so big! Loved everyone's costumes and you so do not have any gray hair! ;)