Friday, November 18, 2011


I thought I would do some blogging today because I am stuck at home. The girls got there flu shots on Tuesday. This time around Audrey got the mist just like a big girl! Well, fast forward 24 hours and it looks like Audrey has the flu. She has had a high fever for 2 days, chills, body aches and a slight runny nose. So while I'm here taking sick of my sick baby I figured I might as well get some blogging done since I've been so busy lately!

Now on to the actual title of the post.....Happy Halloween! We had a blast this year. Our ward's trunk or treat was awesome! We even won the scariest Trunk award. Let's just say that I was a little too excited.

Evy was Ariel again. My Mom had spent a small fortune on her Ariel costume for Disney World so we figured we would get one more use out of it. You don't have to convince Evy too hard to dress up as a princess. And can I just say, I love that girls are girly-girls!

Audrey was Snow White. She was the perfect Snow White. The hair just made it. She even let me curl it and put some makeup on. I think I put some eye shadow, blush and lip gloss. And I forgot mascara. I know I'm crazy but I was curious to see how it would look on her. She already has the longest, thick eyelashes. In fact, that was the first thing the nurses said to me as they handed her to me at the Hospital. Back to the topic.... the mascara made her eyelashes go on and on. She sure is going to be a knock out when she gets older (oh no!).

This is the girls on our way to the Trunk-or-Treat:

My brother, sister-in-law and brand new baby, June, were little Red Riding Hood, the grandmother and the Wolf. They were so stinking cute. And I don't think June could get any more adorable!

Audrey put on Sean's wolf gloves. Snow White seriously has some hormone problems, hopefully we can wax off the hair :).

Roy had been planning for weeks that he would be a Mad Scientist. Well, things kind of caught up with him and finally got around to getting his costume together the day of the trunk-or-treat. He drove around for hours looking for a lab coat but couldn't find one. The only one he did find was a lab coat at a Halloween store but it happened to say OB/GYN on it. He thought that wouldn't be appropriate for church :). So he came home a little sad and I mentioned that maybe he should be a nerd (not a far stretch for him normally :)). I must say that he was an awesome nerd! You would not believe the amount of hair gel he has in his hair to make it part down the middle.

And I was a pumpkin. I know that it isn't the most original costume for a pregnant lady but my Mom sure did make an AWESOME pumpkin hat (thanks Mommy)!

Here's a picture of our stellar trunk. In the dark things lit up in it. I promise that it looked scary. Roy made that body in the spider webs that morning. He kept telling the kids that it was his sister in it :).

I'm just going to dump the rest on you:

On actual Halloween, we trick-or-treated for an hour. It was freezing that night so the girls didn't really want to go that far. And before I get on to the pictures I have to tell you something about Audrey. She is obsessed with the moon. Whenever she is out at night she freaks out until she finds the moon. She just loves it. Roy and I joke around that she's going to be an astronaut when she grows up. But that night that we were trick-or-treating she could see the moon. So literally every minute she was pointing to the moon, yelling, "Moon! It's far away!" So this picture is of her pointing at the moon.

That's all folks.........hope you guys had as much fun as we did! We're already talking about what we are going to be next year :).

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