Saturday, November 15, 2008

Halloween Pics

These are really late but I'll still post them. Evy was the Little Mermaid. My favorite phrase of the night came from her when she said, "Mommy, Mermaids don't where panties!" She kept insisting that panties were unnecessary, I said other wise. I thought she looked pretty dang cute.

This is of my mom as a punk-rocker. She was getting into the posing. Doesn't she look awesome!


Candis said...

too cute! ok, what kind of girl are you raising:) we always wear panties!!! your mom looks fantastic! how much weight has she lost? miss you

NiChOle said...

Oh my gosh these pictures are awesome your mom looks rockin!!! Love you guys

JENNY said...

robyn, that is the cutest lil ariel i have ever seen. i have enjoyed having and helping evy in nursery. i cant belive she is a sumbeam. to cute.