Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Audrey's Words

In the past few days Audrey's vocabulary has just come alive. The other night she asked me for a "book peeees". It seriously melted my heart. Here are some of the other words she says:
Good Night "Nigh Nigh
Bye "Buh Bye"
Snack "Nack"
Please "Peees"
Thank You "Shank u"
Book "Book"

I'm just loving her to death! And Evy is doing great too! We've whipped out the good 'ole rewards chart to see if that will help her behave better. And today she did really well. This is a picture of me and the kiddos reading a book before bed. When being a Mom, there are good days and bad days. Today I think was a good day and I'm loving being a Mom! Tomorrow may be different.

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