Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fancy Nancy Tea Party

Saturday was the big day of the Tea Party. Ended up being 13, 5 year old's. Let's just say that it was full of tiaras, tutus and little girl squeal's! I think Evy ended up having a really good time. My friend Tess threw it with me and I have no idea how I would have done it without her. She has a little girl the same age as Evy and they are good friends!

We had a couple of activities, completely thought of by Tess, definitely not my power alley! We did "Soiree" Bingo" and bedazzled some sunglasses. They were a hit!

My Mom went way over the top and made Evy and Audrey outfits. Everyone loved them! I have the best Mom ever. And I'm glad she made the costumes because I definitely would not have been able to! I forgot to get a close up of Audrey, because she was literally running around everywhere. I was giving her everything and anything to keep her quiet. I think she may have had up to 20 conversation hearts......don't judge me :)! But she spent the party trying on everybody's shoes and taking a little walk. This girl is seriously obsessed with shoes!

I'm really glad I did it and was able to something special for her. The girls looked like they had a blast. And I don't think I'm going to be doing anything like this for sometime :). And here's the rest of the picture's. You may notice that one of her friend's is dressed like a Unicorn. Don't ask me why, but she didn't want to dress up in a tutu, only a Unicorn. Audrey kept on circling her rubbing her horn and fur. I could not help but laugh. Enjoy!

Evy, I love you1


Becca said...

SO fun!!! She'll remember this forever!!! You're the coolest mom :)

When are you gonna throw me a fancy nancy party? Oh wait, I guess the 24th will kinda count!! hee-hee!

krystin said...

You are totally awesome! I'm just not so sure I could do all that. Looks like they had a blast!