Thursday, September 15, 2011

Aunt Alena Playdate

I had a work appointment to go to one day and Alena was nice enough to watch Evy for me while Audrey napped. As I walked out the door to leave I see this:

And I thought to myself, she's going to be such a good Mom. Because I would never do that! I had a crazy imagination when I was little and came up with crazy fantasies and had voices for my animals. But as an adult it seems I have lost that touch. And the busy Mommy in me seems to never have time do to things like that. I was so grateful for the love that Alena showed Evy. She's ready to pop these days and I'm so excited to see what a wonderful and beautiful Mother she's going to be!

And because I thought this hooded towel turned out so cute......

I made it for one of Roy's friends from High School and their brand new baby. Which reminds me that I still have to make Alena another one. Baby girl you better stay in there for a little bit longer!

1 comment:

Alena said...

wow! that is an unflattering picture if I've ever seen one! ;) And you are wayyyyyy too nice. I'm just learning how to be a good mama from mamas like you!!!!