Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm Back!

So I finally have a working computer! I am so excited and I feel reconnected to the world and regrettably reconnected with online shopping :). I will hopefully soon be posting some new stuff and maybe I'll put up some pictures of my belly, IT IS MASSIVE! And Happy St. Patrick's Day! I have an awesome imitation of an Irish accent, I wish you could hear me through the computer. My goal for the day is to speak with my Irish accent, it won't be that weird because my last name is Gallagher. Yeah I know I am a little weird.

"I love my potatoes and cabbage and sweet cream and lambies running through the field and did I mention the potatoes..." all said with an Irish accent! That's for you family!


Sabrina said...

You rock my worlod sis. Where did you get the computer?

The Burnett Family said...

Woman!! I am sorry I didn't get to come to your shower! I had my niece and nephew that day. How are you? I want to see your belly!! When is your due date? It has to be soon right? I need your address too because I am about to send out my graduation announcements! And Twilight is coming out on DVD on friday! I am having a party and you should come!