Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm sad and sick

So today I found out that a family friend passed away last night. She was our neighbor in California for 5 years. I can't count the number of memories of my childhood that I have her and her family in. For some reason, this has struck me pretty hard. She was so young, 58. I think about my Mom and thought of what it would be like losing her. My heart goes out to her husband, her children and her sweet grandchildren. But what gives me hope and comfort is the knowledge that Families Can Be Together Forever. I know this is true and I know this beautiful Gospel that I belong to is true and because of that I feel blessed today. Almost every night I sing the girls the song, "Families Can Be Together Forever". Tonight it will be even more sweet.

Not helping the matter of feeling sad is the fact that I'm sick. I have had a runny nose for 3 weeks. Undoubtedly it is has turned into a Sinus Infection. But I have been so busy with the Design Business that I have not had a chance to go to the Doctor's. I'm glad I'm working but I need to find sometime to go get some Antibiotics........stupid nose! Maybe I'll go to the minute clinic after Roy comes home.

And not to make this post so down, I'm posting a video of Audrey. The other day on the phone, Alena, my Sister-In-law, asked to see some videos of Audrey talking. This is what I got out of her. She says so much more but for some reason that is all I could think of.

I've just realized that she's talking with her mouth full of food. I hope any of you do not find it rude. And if you are, than you might be offended by half of the things I say on my blog and you wouldn't be looking at my blog to begin with. So I'm going to assume you all find it adorable!


Alena said...

I love you. I love her. I love this video. I love how happy this video makes me! You're the bessst

Sabrina said...

Bryce looked over my shoulder and said awes cute when he watched the video. I am taking the loss pretty bad as well.

The Kelly's said...

That is the cutest thing in the world. Yes, we are watching it again only 24 hours later!