Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dinner Table Talk

Evy, Audrey and I are sitting at the table eating dinner. Evy then begins to give me a good long stare. Not just a normal stare, but a see-into-your-soul stare. Now, after the day I've had with her, I get the impression that she's got a problem with me. She then very sweetly says that there is something different about me. She noticed I had Gym clothes on and that my hair was in a pony tail. Any then she says, "Let me think,..... I got it. You don't have make-up on!" I tell her that is correct and I was just too tired today! She tells me, "It's ok Mommy, but you look pretty with make-up." What a sweet girl, right? Made me laugh hysterically. I even took a picture of the way she was looking at me and one of myself. Enjoy the candid observation of my eldest!

1 comment:

krystin said...

Girl, You look BEAUTIFUL in that picture!!!!