Thursday, April 22, 2010

Doughnuts for Dad

Evy had a morning at her pre-school where all the Dad's were to come in and have breakfast with the kids. There was an invitation and everything. Well, Roy working in another state happens to complicate things a wee bit. So I went to my Dad to see if he would come... he was going to be out of town. So I thought and thought and then I figured why not ask Tata, my grandpa. He was very excited and in his words "honored" to go. I'm sure he didn't hear one thing of what was going on but I know that it was important to Evy.

Evy drew a picture of her Dad and answered some questions about him. So she said that he was five years old, I said that's because he qcts like it :)! And that his favorite food was grapes, not really. That her favorite thing to do with him was to listen to his jokes, don't we all. And that she loved to tickle with him. And she loves her Dad so much because he loves her so much too! I thought it was very sweet and started missing Roy pretty badly...oh well. All in all, a very fun morning!

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Lisa said...

Shes so lucky to have so many men in her life to choose from!