Thursday, May 6, 2010

I love this Sound

I love the sound of Audrey giggling as I push her on the swing. I love that she thinks it's the funnest thing. I love the way she smiles and hugs me.

Now how can the same experience with another child go so wrong? Evy asks to be pushed so I push her with Audrey on my hip. She starts yelling at me that I'm doing it wrong and to do it more and to put Audrey down and to do it higher,etc.......

So how do I get the feelings that I have with Audrey happen when I'm doing it with Evy? There is something to be said about a child that can't talk but giggle and smile. This is my dilemna. How do I show my love for Evy when she has days like these? How do I make myself equal to parenting her and giving her the best she deserves? I have no idea. So I might be saying a real long prayer tonight and go in when Evy is asleep and snuggle her.

To end on a positive note: I love the way Audrey thinks Evy is the coolest thing ever. How she follows her around so they can play. And how Evy's screaming can make her laugh. I love the way Evy says I'm the best Mom she's ever had. I think there might be better Mom's when it comes to parenting Evy but I don't think anyone could love her more!

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