Sunday, May 30, 2010

Graduation and San Francisco

This past week my Dad, Audrey and I went to San Francisco for my graduation and to see Roy's parents. It was lots of fun. I was reminded about how I detest flying with a baby. I was also reminded that San Francisco is cold. And lastly I was reminded of the smell of homeless people.... I believe it has gotten worse since I lived there!

The flight out there was torture. Waking a baby at 4 in the morning is NOT a good idea! But we had a celebrity on the plane. And when I say celebrity I mean I'm probably the only person that recongnized him. He's Tyler from "Tyler's Ultimate" on the food network. I love him and loved him even more after he said Audrey was beautiful!

Here's a picture of Audrey's first ride on public transit.

Here's another waiting for the F-Line. There was crazy wind coming from under the street. Somehow I could not manage to open my eyes.

And here's my attempt at taking a picture of the three of us. Out of the three pictures, I think I managed to get all of us in at least one picture. Clearly self-picture taking is not one of my talents!

Here's pictures of the actual graduation. Good luck telling which one is me! I'll give you a hint: I'm the tall one!

And then here's some random pictures from the rest of the day.

And here's my cute niece wearing the hooded towel I made for her.

Thanks Dad for flying all the way to San Francisco with me so that I could do this. And thank you for the thousands of dollars you've spent on my education. And Thank You for believing me and being a wonderful Father. And to not forget my Mom, I oculd not have done it without you and especially the hundreds of hours of babysitting. I love you both!


Alena Kelly said...

Congratulations... I wish I had the skills you do!!!!! And can your little one get any cuter?! Good thing there's only one day till I get to see her!

Sabrina said...

All Hail the Graduate. I told Bryce yeah Aunt Robyn is Graduating and he looked at me grabed himself and said, "I Have to go pee pee". I think that means he is proud of you.

Grandma Caroline said...

What a wonderful experience. And you do have a seriously beautiful girl! What did you graduate in and why did you have to go to SF to graduate walk?

The Gallagher Family said...

My school was in San Francisco. I started there on campus when I lived there and then finished through the online program. It's the Academy of Art University and I did the Interior Architecture degree. And thanks for the compliment... I think she's pretty cute too!