Sunday, June 12, 2011

Disney's Animal Kingdom

On Tuesday we went to the Animal Kingdom. It was fun but it grew old pretty fast. We saw an awesome show of the Lion King. And we went on an awesome ride called Expedition Everest. I was really excited about it. Evy and I went on it together. At one point they bring you inside of a mountain and turn off the lights. At the point a "yetti" starts yelling and there's shadows everywhere. Needless to say, Evy was FREAKING out. For the rest of the day, whenever we were about to go on a roller coaster she asked me 5 times if there was going to be a yetti on it. Apparently we scarred her. That became the joke for the rest of the week. Whenever we were about to choose where we were going to go next we made sure there was no yetti! Audrey thought the Tiger was pretty cool. And Evy was awesome bird watcher, she would study the birds and then identify them. She corrected Roy multiple times on the type of birds we were seeing. Hilarious! And now, because I have an insane amount of pictures and blogging to catch up on, I'm going to do a massive photo dump. I'm sure you get the gist of it. It was fun......woohoo!

The mommy and baby monkey were so cute. Audrey was freaking out about them. I should have taken a video of her. The girl loves monkey's!

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